Choosing Your Wedding Party

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bride and bridesmaids celebrating with hands up

Let’s face it- there are a lot of people involved in planning a wedding! The most important people to consider are your bridesmaids and groomsmen. They’re your support group, your A-team, your wedding day front-line. One of a couple’s biggest decisions is deciding how large or small their wedding party should be. There are both benefits and disadvantages to consider when selecting the size of your wedding party. Choosing a wedding party is difficult because you don’t want anyone to feel left out, but you also don’t want to have everyone you’ve ever met standing next to you on your big day. Here are some pros and cons of small and large wedding parties:

Large Wedding Party
1. More Help
2. More Time to Have Fun
3. Less Drama

1. More Expensive
2. More Drama
3. Less Special Moments

Small Wedding Party
1. Scheduling is Easier
2. Less Expensive
3. Responsibilities Stand Out More

1. Less Help
2. More Drama
3. More Stress

There is really no right or wrong answer when it comes to selecting your bridal party. It’s important to be true to yourselves and to your vision. As long as you factor in the size of your venue, your budget, and your circle of friends, you’ll come up with a number that suits your group the best.

Good luck and choose wisely!