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 The Bigler Team

The Bigler Team

Enthusiasm and passion exudes from Dave Bigler, owner of Bigler Photography and Saratoga Portrait Studio.  We sat down in his studio to discuss what it takes to be a top-notch wedding photographer and videographer.

What makes a great wedding photographer?

A servant heart, meaning the bridal party and everyone else is first.  They are not there for my photos nor are they my subjects for the day.  They are there for an awesome party and it is my job to document it.  You sacrifice for the couple and do what’s best for the couple so they can have fun!

Describe your style:

It depends on what we are shooting but mostly photo journalistic when shooting the ceremony and formal dances.  When photographing the bridal party, we become another member of the party.

What distinguishes you from other photographers?

How much fun couples have since we put them first. We place a strong emphasis on planning. This allows the couples to feel very relaxed.  My team loves what they’re doing and are passionate about it, making the experience so positive for everyone.  Our internal team does both photography and videography.  Couples have the ability for one-stop shopping.  We do it well and offer cost-effective options.

What is the most important thing for potential couples to know about you?

High maintenance or stressed out couples need not call us.  We work with couples who want to have fun, have a great party and are laid back.  That’s how we are as a team.

Best advice you’d give couples:

Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Something will inevitably go wrong.  It may rain or someone may be late.  The couples that are able to let all that go, have the most enjoyable day.  ‘Keep the main thing the main thing’ is my favorite motto.  Getting married and the party is what it’s all about.  No matter what else happens, this day will happen.  Since we emphasize planning, extra time is allotted so no one is rushed or stressed.

What’s your favorite all time wedding shot or story?

The more passionate couples are about each other, the more fun it is for all involved.

How long have you been doing this?

10 years this past July.  I received my Master’s in Business and Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Communication.  I wanted to own a business doing something I’d love.  I’m self-taught in photography.

Who or what has most influenced your work?

I’m a Christian and my faith has played into me being a better person.  This enables me to be the best I can be, including my work as a photographer.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The couples.  We get to hang out with them at the biggest party of their life.

What awards have you received?

Creative Excellence Award from Wedding & Event Videographers Association

Shoot & Share International Award on storytelling.  See the award winning photo at

You can see more of Dave’s work at

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