Happy Holidays!

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Hot chocolate in front of fireplace

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!  We love the holidays here at Longfellows, the decorations are up, the trees are lit and the fireplaces are keeping us toasty and warm each day.  I just love sitting with a warm cup of cocoa next to the fireplace and relaxing at the end of the day, don’t you?

But alas, it’s that busy season, so there isn’t much time for me to relax!  We are busy hosting so many holiday parties, gorgeous winter weddings and writing out those gift certificates.  Would you believe I wrote out 25 of them yesterday!  So busy, but so excited to see those new friends come in and visit us for dinner and a relaxing evening in the hotel.

Our staff held their annual cookie exchange on Wednesday and boy do we have some great bakers on our team!  It was really impressive to see the wide variety of treats that everyone brought in.  We might just have to make a Longfellows’ Cookie blog!  Lemon barschocolate mint brownies, stained glass sugar cookies, and so much more!

Oh my, how rude of me, I didn’t even offer to share!  Please, take a moment to stop in and see me at the front desk.  I’ve got fresh baked cookies, a fire to warm up by and hot cocoa that will make you feel like a kid again.  Don’t let the stress of the holiday season get to you, take a night off and come say hello.  We’ll be happy to welcome you into Longfellows.

Life is Suite,

Your Innkeeper