Hiring the Right Vendors!

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Congratulations!  You are engaged!  And so begins the search for your venue, your flowers, your dress, your Officiant, your caterer, your groom’s attire….the list goes on and on.  And, honestly, it can be overwhelming at times trying to interview and hire all the best vendors for your big day.  I’d like to share with you some of my top qualities to consider when hiring a vendor.

  1. Personality! It’s at the top of the list for a reason.  Hiring vendors that you like will make your day much more enjoyable and stress free.   You want to take the time to meet with each potential vendor in person so you have an opportunity to get to know them a little.   I think it’s important that the vendor want to know a bit about both of you as well….how did you meet, what things are important to you about your wedding day, what services do you expect of them and can they deliver what you expect?  You want to be sure that you are comfortable with that vendor, and I always suggest that you try and imagine that person standing next to you on your wedding day….does that make you smile?  If not, then that particular vendor, regardless of price or perceived value, is most likely not a good fit.
  2. Skill. It seems obvious, but does this vendor possess the skill(s) necessary to deliver on your expectations?  Asking to see examples of their work, reading reviews/testimonials, and contacting references are all good ways to be sure that the vendor has what it takes to get the job done.
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  1. Professional. Each vendor on your big day will need to interact with other vendors, your friends, and your family, and you want to be sure that they conduct themselves in a professional manner.  Your potential vendor should be well dressed, and when meeting with you, should be prepared as if he/she was attending a job interview…because that is exactly what they are doing!
  1. Flexible. This is another very important quality for a wedding vendor.  Will your caterer customize menus for you?  Will your DJ take requests (if you want them to)?  Will your venue allow you to change the location of the head table?  Will your photographer add a last minute photo to the “list”?  There are many moving parts to your big day and all of your vendors need to be able to adjust accordingly.  On one particular occasion, I had a DJ who told me “I don’t DO last minute changes”!  You definitely do not want a vendor with that attitude on your big day, because you never know what can happen!
  1. Reachable. Is that a word?  For today, it is!  You need to know that you can reach your vendors during the planning process.  Your vendors should be quick to respond to your questions- no more than a day or two should go by without getting an answer.  You don’t want your planning to be held up, waiting to hear from a vendor.
  1. Honest. You want to select vendors who will be completely honest with you about your ideas and vision.  They need to be honest, but also sensitive to your desires at the same time.  You don’t want someone who is so opinionated that they don’t allow you to achieve your vision.  But, you also want someone who will be honest with you about the results of your decisions.  It’s the old “if this, then that” adage….each decision will have a result.  It is our job as wedding professionals to make you aware of the results and to be sure that everyone can work with it.
  1. Energetic. A typical day for a wedding vendor is about 10-12 hours…you need to be sure your potential vendor has the “juice” to go the distance!  Pay attention to their energy level in your initial meeting; it will tell you a lot.
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  1. Reliable. You need to be able to rely on your wedding vendors.  We are responsible for providing the services needed for the biggest day of your life.   Does your potential vendor consistently respond to your questions, do they provide you good advice, do you TRUST them?  You must have a completely trusting relationship with each of them, because you are going to be enjoying your day surrounded by friends and family, and do not want to have to worry about your vendors.

The bottom line is to hire people you like!  You could be dealing with your vendors for over a year before your big day, and you want the experience to be enjoyable. If you genuinely like your vendors, it will go a long way to ensuring a stress free, memorable experience.
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