Historic Haunts of Saratoga

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It is the spookiest day of the year, and to celebrate we thought we would give our ghosts a rest! Longfellows has long been considered to be a haunted location in Saratoga, and the restaurant itself is inside renovated turn-of-the-last-century dairy barns. Old, rural roots are often the popular haunts for old spirits, so here are a few other ghost-populated spots in the area!

Canfield Casino, located in the heart of downtown Saratoga, is the beautiful home of the Saratoga Springs History Museum. For years reports of mysterious energy and movement have been recorded from those who have visited. Many newlyweds have found spooky figures in wedding photos after the event. In 2010 the Hall was featured on Ghost Hunters on Syfy Channel, for its supernatural tendencies.

Jane McCrea House was actually the home of her friend, Sara McNeil, with whom she hid during an invasion. Jane, who was engaged to a British officer, died in 1777 when she was reportedly captured and slain by hostile Native Americans as the British arrived in what is now Hudson Falls. People who live in or have visited the area have experienced voices, banging, and mysterious figures, possibly even Jane herself paying a visit.

Saratoga Battlefield is where the battle took place that is considered the turning point of the American Revolutionary War. Located in Saratoga National Park, it is considered by visitors, to be extremely charged with feelings of sadness and emotion, due to the pinnacle battles fought there. Spirits of soldiers supposedly still fire guns and bang their drum in the distance according to eye and ear witness reports.

Which of these creepy places in the Saratoga area are you interested in visiting? Have you ever had a spooky experience here at Longfellows? Let us know!