Longfellows’ Groaning Board

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victorian dinner party
Dating back up to three centuries, the term Groaning Board refers to the table so laden with good food that it must creak and groan under the weight. In 1863 President Lincoln may have celebrated the newly established Day of Thanks with a hearty meal as they recalled the survival and determination of the American Pilgrims during the harvest of 1612.
It is a no coincidence that the expression Groaning Board came, over time, to also be a metaphor for general good fortune. Much like a cup that overfloweth, a board that groans is a sure sign that life is treating one well. Fitting that we celebrate a holiday where we count our blessings with a shared feast. We load our tables and rejoice in our hearts as Thanksgiving draws in each year.
Here at Longfellows we heartily celebrate the tradition by gathering with those we care about and taking extra time to think of the people and things we are grateful to have in our life.
Of course, it doesn’t hurt that we also celebrate with our yearly Traditional Grand Buffet at Longfellows. Featuring menus that boast brined, roasted turkey, steamed vegetables, homemade gravy and potatoes, and other traditional holiday classics, Longfellows also takes it ten steps farther. Additions of seafood, beef, varieties of salad, and innumerable hor deouvres and dessert options, and dozens of other delicacies, make our Thanksgiving Feast come alive with flavors Grandma never served.
Our Board is Groaning this Holiday Season at Longfellows, join us and enjoy the Tradition of the Season!