Events & Holidays in Saratoga

Events at Longfellows

Here at Longfellows, we look forward to celebrating the holiday season all year long!  There is something so special about friends and family gathering around a great meal this time of year which is why we are so excited to offer some holiday specials. We have a Thanksgiving day spread planned, a New Years Eve event in the works, and holiday parties in our event space are booking fast!  Celebrate with us this holiday season at Longfellows.

Events and Holidays at LONGFELLOWS!

We love the holidays here at Longfellows!  Our restaurant and hotel are built on the backbone family values and we love sharing these big days with our guests.  We have large events on Thanksgiving, New Years, Easter, and Mother’s Day. 


In addition to celebrating the holidays, we have several events including wine dinners, wedding shows, and our planning of first of many live music dinner parties.


While we have several themed events, we also love playing host to your events!  Our banquet spaces are used for weddings, work functions, reunions, celebrations of life, engagement parties, retirement parties, baby showers, and many more fun events.  


If you are interested in having an event at Longfellows, please contact us today for information and help planning!