Winter Weddings Sparkle at Longfellows

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When it comes to planning weddings, it seems like Summer, Spring, and Fall get ALL the attention! Traditional imagery of weddings dictates pink flowers, and June sunshine, or vibrant Autumnal foliage, and deeply rustic tones. Fair weather nuptials are always stunning, but why is Winter being left out in the cold?  Why don’t more bridal couples consider a Winter Wonderland Wedding, of sparkling white and glittering snow? We are here to let you in on a secret….. Winter Weddings are the BEST, and Longfellows has the top three reasons why!

  1. Stand Out – Every bridal couple has one thing in common: the idea that they want their wedding to be unique and stand out from every other wedding. Ironic, isn’t it? There are only so many ways to repurpose Mason Jars and twine! Not everyone can pull off a Winter Wedding, but a couple with a clever touch and a vibrant relationship will shine in cold weather nuptials!
  2. Vendor Choices – You know who you want to take your pictures, bake your cake, style your hair, and arrange your flowers. In your mind, you’ve carefully selected the perfect vendors for your perfect day… Unfortunately so has every other bride in June or October. Many in-demand event vendors book dates out up to three years in advance!
    Book your wedding in February and you will have your pick of dream wedding professionals. Even hotels will be more empty for you!
  3. Save Some Money – Going hand in hand with vendor choices, the Winter is a slower season, thus more availability, and possibly even a discount. Many Wedding professinals offer a reduced rate for certain services in Winter, in order to try and fill their calendars in their slower months.
  4. BONUS REASON: Your wedding photos in front of a sparkling white winter wonderland are going to blow you away!

Are you convinced yet that a snowy, white wedding can be just as magical as a Spring or Fall ceremony and reception? Keep your eye on our blog this winter, as we share more wedding planning tips for a cold weather blowout! And give us a call when you are ready to start planning your own White Wedding!

wedding rings on a snowy branch